Secure Your Media Archive with
AI Assisted MEDAR

Easily manage your institution’s archive – including photograph, video and audio files with advanced tools of MEDAR.


The best solution for your photo video audio archive.

MEDAR is an all-in-one media asset management platform. It is served from highly secured and well managed servers. It also enables you to store your photo, video and audio files easily and safely. With MEDAR, you can access and share your archive quickly when needed.


Your professional business needs to record various work related photo, video and audio media files and access them quickly when needed. We have developed the best solution to help you achieve this goal and make your work life a whole lot easier.


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Benefits and Conveniences

Secure Your Institutional Archive

Your photo, video and audio files do not get lost on your employees' computers.


Easily Tag Your Files

You can tag files by event, location, time, person and others.


Ease Work With Artificial Intelligence Support

With face and object recognition tools, your workload is reduced and your time remains.


Keep Your Files On Your Servers

Your media files are archived on your own servers.


Access Files When Outside

Using iOS ve Android apps you can access files whenever and wherever you vwant.


Locate Your Files in Just a Few Seconds

By search, filters and dynamic folders, you find files quickly when needed.


Share Files Safely with Whoever You Want

You share your files safely with your internal and external contacts.


Convert Photographs and Videos

Copies of files in the format and resolution you want are created automatically.


Retain Your Usual Password

You log in with your e-mail address and password thanks to LDAP integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

Medar application runs on the servers in the server room of your institution. Access is provided from your in-house network. Users access Medar using on a browser by logging in with their e-mail addresses and passwords.

In Medar, users are divided into two categories based on their modification rights- they can write (change information/files) or read (view information/files). Coordinator and operator roles have writing rights while the reader role has reading access and can view only the files after access authorization is granted to them.

Users in the operator role have the authority to upload files to Medar and add tags to the files they upload. Users in the coordinator role have the authority to delete files added by others and edit the tags of these files in addition to the rights of the operator role.

Active Directory is a Microsoft software used to manage multiple Windows computers from a single center. In cases where Active Directory software is installed, users do not need to provide a user name and password to access Medar, rather, they can log in with their institutional e-mail addresses and passwords.

Medar is priced according to the number of users in the roles of coordinator and operator. Please send us an inquiry to configure a cost specific to your institution’s unique needs.

No. Medar is an application that can be easily used by anyone who can use a computer, surf the web, send e-mails or create office documents.

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